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supahv asked: What's your favorite song by the nbhd?

i always seem to go back to A Little Death - it’s the first song i heard and will probably be my favourite. they’re all fantastic though.

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Anonymous asked: So I heard that their new album is going to be free, but do you know on what date it's released?

yup - it’s a free mixtape which can be found on this website. they haven’t announced a date as of yet!

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Honest is a song that means a lot to me and it inspired me to make this. I’m not the best graphic designer so any critiques would be much appreciated!!

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i want to be ignorant, i want to know all

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Anonymous asked: thank you so much for posting that link. I love you omg ❤️

not a problem haha! 

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Anonymous asked: sorry to bother you but I can't find the video of Lurk at club nokia (the official one from cbs) anymore.. Did they take it down? Because I kinda preferred the live version.. thanks:)

they might have made it private for some reason, because the Let It Go video on the CBS channel is private :s there’s other live versions, like this one, you can listen to :)

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Anonymous asked: is this live?

no it was previously recorded! it’s from yesterday i believe :)

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I Love You. is 1 today!
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Red Bull Sound Space>

you can watch their performance until 6pm!

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throwback to the best night of my life: 3/15/14

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